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About Us

Suelo Vivo was founded on the concept of regeneration in everything we do, on a mission to regenerate ourselves, our planet, and our communities.

Through powerful acidic and neutral cannabinoid blends, we’re able to drive regenerative activity in both our customers and the soil we use to grow our products.

We aim to bring affordable access to regeneratively produced holistic blends of Raw DEM Pure Certified Hemp products, while educating and highlighting the importance of focusing on regenerative and restorative practices.

So where do you come in? Every time one of our valued customers purchases a product from our store, you support a farmer, women, and minority owned business and you support regenerative agriculture.

With a rich history in cannabis cultivation, our founders have 20+ combined years of experience and is testament to the quality we strive to bring to each and every product we offer.

About Suelo Vivo

Regenerating People, Plants and the Planet! 

Suelo Vivo - Living Soil hemp to regenerate your body, mind and the Earth’s soil. Cultivated on a DEM Pure Regenerative Certified farm in Colorado, our organically grown hemp flower buds are hand harvested and lipid infused to preserve a full spectrum of over ten terpenes and cannabinoids for your optimal health benefit. We are regenerative farmers who cultivate hemp in harmony with nature to bring you the highest quality wellness products to support your health and self-care.

Honoring the health of the people, plant and planet by farming the land in harmony with nature. We increase the diversity in the soil microbiome by tending to the land’s natural cycles, avoiding the need to use any harmful pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or toxins ever. We are committed to formulating the safest, potent, and most bioavailable hemp CBD wellness products with our unique lipid extraction method that preserves over ten terpenes and ten cannabinoids including acidic compounds for your optimal health and wellness. 

About the Founders

Lucas Spencer 

Co-Founder + COO

Passionate about regenerating the Earth’s soils, Lucas is a Regenerative Hemp Farmer, and Founder + COO of the Suelo Vivo Hemp Company. His farming philosophy is rooted in the art of observation, learning through his many years of experience cultivating cannabis and hemp. He obtained his DEM Pure Certification through the Dragonfly Earth Medicine’s rigorous Regenerative Farm program, and has proudly never cultivated with any pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or synthetic products. He honors and appreciates the native living soil, and can be found out in the field closing nature’s loops by creating some of his favorite plant teas and biochar. Lucas is committed to a self-sufficient lifestyle and is on a mission to leave the planet a better place for future generations to come. 

Sean Ortiz

Co-Founder + CEO

Sean Ortiz studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he co-founded Agtion a microalgal soil amendment company advancing the use of microalgae in agriculture. Sean also co-founded Delta 9 Design, a lightweight hydrocarbon extraction equipment manufacturer where he was able to apply his love for cannabis into design around fresh frozen extraction processes. Sean catalyzed his experience in regenerative agriculture and cannabis and founded We Are One Farms in 2019, and has been focused on enabling affordable access to clean regeneratively produced hemp based cannabinoids. Sean together with fellow farmer Lucas and Rachael partnered up to create Suelo Vivo, to bring to the world the amazing healing powers of raw regeneratively cultivated hemp flowers and raw hemp flower infused products.

Rachael Carlevale

Co-Founder + CMO

Rachael Carlevale speaks on behalf of the natural world, honoring the plants and life in the soil by transmitting their messages for the wellbeing of all— regenerating body, mind and soil for the collective. Rachael is the Co-Founder of Suelo Vivo Regenerative Hemp Company. Rachael lives in alignment with the natural rhythms of the sun, moon, and stars, and grows living soil, regenerative cannabis, and vermicompost. She is also the Founder + CEO Ganjasana Plant Medicine School where she facilitates courses on comprehensive cannabis education. Rachael is a certified Mindfulness Educator of UC Berkeley, and Certified Yoga Instructor with an academic foundation in plant and soil sciences from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As a DEM Pure Educator, she certifies farms and companies who uphold ethical practices and also contributes to Skunk Magazine with her ‘Cultivation Column.’

About the Farm

Suelo Vivo is proud to be a Certified Regenerative Hemp Farm in the collective of Pure Certified Farmers and Businesses who are a group of hardworking, dedicated, intentional people that cultivate clean pure hemp in harmony with nature. We go above and beyond to be leaders in innovation and intelligent land design. 

A DEM Pure certificate is given out to those gardeners that are already on the path of ecological sustainability and growing of high quality healthy medicine and/or food. Having a DEM Pure cert recognizes that a farmer is utilizing sustainable practices. He/she is acting as a steward to the land, soil and the plants. A DEM Pure certified farmer is giving back to his/her community. They are leaders and teachers of beyond organics that uses nature as a guide for his/her techniques. This certificate is not comparable to any organic certification. It encompasses mindfulness and practices that derive from nature, community building and sharing of ideas and techniques, care taking patients and your workers. It is not meant to comply with any other certificate. It does not require the use of DEM products. It recognizes the highest growing practices for healthy, clean medicine

We make up all realms of diversity. We are all over the globe and we are joining together to create a powerful, compassionate voice for Pure, Healthy Hemp Medicine. Through observation of Mother Nature, we mimic her natural cycles in preparing our farms and soils. We are bringing medicine to the market in a way that is respectful to the soil, the ecosystem, the plant, and the consumers. 

We are educators and leaders to our local and international communities in areas of natural systems that support biodiversity, biological intelligence and health. We work hand in hand with scientific laboratories and our intuition to better our knowledge of plant, soil and our final products.

Suelo Vivo’s Pure Certification represents our professional outdoor full sungrown, greenhouse, licensed hemp farm and company that process, infuse and sell Pure Certified Hemp. It represents our Colorado based, family-run boutique craft farm that grows food, bee pollinator gardens, save seeds, create polyculture systems, provide fair and equal pay to all employees, and grow much of our own nutrients. 

We have created closed loop systems in our cultivation that help ensure the purity of our inputs and our medicine.Hügelkutur beds, swales, and many carbon sequestration techniques are used to create health and balance of soil. Local plant ferments and dynamic teas are created as liquid nutrients. Minimal inputs are needed from the marketplace. Closed loop cultivation is key to all of Suelo Vivo’s business practices from building soil to developing our botanical wellness products. 

About the DEM Pure Certificate

The Pure Certificate is set to be the highest example of regenerative hemp cultivators, extractors, and vendors in the world.

  • Suelo Vivo Pure farmers and gardeners agree to go beyond monocropping to create a rich, biodiverse landscape that supports a healthy, biologically intelligent environment. *Food, medicine, pollinator gardens, and predator friendly gardens are present on every farm. The purpose of this certificate is to grow food and medicine in a way that is gentle on the earth, healthy for humans and healthy for the environment.
  • It is our goal to regenerate the earth with proper farming methods and education. Suelo Vivo farmers take into account the embedded energy it takes for inputs to come to our farms. We choose inputs that are tested organic, whole food additions that are good for our beneficial microbes, pollinators, wildlife, water systems and humans. Growing as much of our inputs as possible, sequestering carbon, and creating a closed loop system on our farm is the focus. The Pure Family Agreement, is an agreement to the regeneration of the earth and its sensitive ecosystems. The most effective and powerful thing about this certification is that it is community driven, community supported and community monitored.
  • Agreeing to be Pure certified is agreeing to be an example to the rest of the Hemp and beyond community and industry. A Pure certified farmer or business owner is a teacher, that can inspire others. Each farm and business is distinct, and goes the extra mile to insure practices and knowledge are pure from beginning to end. Monitoring farm, sales, marketing, education and practices so that they are wholistic in nature, seed to seed vision.(Join our Newsletter at the bottom of this page to get access to Suelo Vivo online Education Community, enjoy live informational and experiential learning events.) 
  • A Pure certified family member agrees to share practices, recipes, education with other Pure certified farmers. We, as a group, will inspire others to make their space more biodiverse and healthy.(Follow Suelo Vivo on Social Media to Learn More.
  • The Pure Certification goes beyond the National Organic Standards (NOP) and USDA. We feel the word “Organic” has been faded by these large institutions, and no longer represents the healthy environment, products and practices we consider pure. The Pure Family creates a comprehensive flow with minimal inputs, creating living soils, and nearly eliminating waste and garbage. Pure certified family never uses any harmful synthetic sprays or chemical fertilizers. We never use harmful fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides. We use all natural eco-friendly regenerative practices that enhance nature. We agree to encourage each other to learn more, do more, create more in a way that Mother Nature would approve.

Join the Suelo Vivo Team. 

To learn more about Suelo Vivo email: or call:+1 (815) 200-4367 (HEMP).