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The Suelo Vivo Difference

Somethings are just better RAW.

Raw Cannabinoinds + Raw Terpenes + Raw Polyphenols

Heat degrades these delicate compounds.

We preseve them.

Now you can enjoy everythinghemp has to offer.

Heat decarboxylates acidic cannabinoinds. Heat evaporates and oxidizes terpenes. Heat breaks down polyphenols. All of these components NEED to be RAW. So we developed our Hemp Flower Infusion process to do just that, to maintain these delicate compounds.

Cannabis plants only produce acidic cannabinoids, this is their natural form. After exposure to heat, typically from traditional processing methods, CBDa is converted to the more well known neutral version, CBD. At Suelo Vivo we preserve these delicate compounds by gently infusing our DEM Pure certified hemp flowers directly into MCT oil, this enables us to preserve not only the acidic cannabinoids but also all of the terpenes and polyphenols in raw form. All of this without the use of solvents, just quality hemp flowers and MCT oil. At Suelo Vivo we want to deliver to you the absolute best product, complete with all of the beneficial compounds hemp has to offer, acidic cannabinoids + neutral cannabinoids, lots of terpenes, and raw polyphenols, all working in harmony to help you be the best you can be everyday.