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Research Reveals “Breakthrough Ingredient” That Could Revolutionize The Way We Think About Stress

Is this sustainable ingredient the breakthrough Americans have been waiting for?

Jan 10, 2021 | Sponsored by Lucas Spencer & Sean Ortiz 


The World Health Organization has ranked depression has the largest contributor to global disability. Anxiety is ranked a close sixth (1)!

These common challenges are typically treated with classic pharmaceutical drugs, such as benzodiazepines. These drugs have been reported to cause a number of side effects, such as agitation, headaches, sexual dysfunction and drowsiness (2).

Additionally, many of these substances are addicting and can create a damaging cycle if left unchecked (3).

For years, this was the only available treatment to people struggling with depression or anxiety. Patients showing symptoms of stress were often prescribed these same medications…with varying success…

People in high stress jobs, or busy parents seeking relaxation or support were often grouped in with people struggling with more severe levels of anxiety.

This broad use of medication failed to target the true, underlying causes of stress, anxiety and depression people were facing on a day-to-day…

Not only that, but instead of supporting wellbeing, sustainability and growth, these medications causing severe damage to the environment (4).

But now, research has uncovered a new ‘secret’ ingredient that’s taking the world by storm…

The “regulatory” ingredient for a busy world

This “breakthrough discovery” has been shown to tap into the receptors for serotonin (a chemical responsible for regulating both mood and social behavior) (5).

Completely natural, environmentally sustainable and used as early as 2900 B.C (6), this key ingredient might make all the difference for busy, stressed or anxious people around the world…

Could this be the next big breakthrough of the decade?

Learn more about this incredible discovery here